What A Windy Start To April

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We are working on the website and have reverted back to the old look for a few days, Please check back shortly!  Until then you can still reads the posts below. Thanks for stopping by!!


Mr Al drifted between gusts of wind to land a nice flounder this morning. He had to fish the flood tide early this morning to miss the wind. Maybe we’ll get a weather window during the proper tide so we can finally catch some numbers. Stop in and load up on XL minnows, nice silversides ( this years) and those hot Sea Hawk flounder rigs.Elsewhere, the catch and release rocking is going good in the tangier sound. We got all you need from planner board clips to rigged tandem and umbrellas to make next Saturday (4/16) a success

Here is Mr Al with his muddy water trophy. With winds like we’ve had, at least he was able to get a good drift. Haha

Here is my friend Caroline with her first big rock. She turned it loose and will target a bigger one next weekend. Now if she could only teach her dad and grandpa how to land the big ones.

Here is a cool trail cam pic. It looks like this Tom has got a thing for deer. However, the doe doesn’t look to impressed haha

Maybe a rainbow is God’s promise make the wind stop blowing rather than that no more floods thing Noah talked about

Thank Goodness for River Fishing

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The wind continues to keep the seaside murky and flounder action to a slow pick but the Pocomoke river is still producing several species. The perch, crappie, and pickerel will have to do till the weather straightens out. Soon we’ll be bombarded with flounder rock and drum , just a few weeks away!

Here is my buddy Owen with his first citation pickerel

Capt Sam with a nice Pocomoke black perch

Here is my buddy Paul with a nice Pocomoke crappie

Pretty girl with a pretty bass and a big smile

Happy Easter

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The Flounder are off to a slow start but a start no less.  Most of the fish are being caught on the ebb tide in the clearest water available which has been hard to find lately.  It’s still to early to report on a hot bait or rig , but we’ll let you know as soon as a pattern develops.  On other fronts, the Pocomoke is now consistently producing black (white) perch with good numbers of rock to turn loose along with the crappie, bass, and pickerel. There have been a few folks participating in the catch and release season in the main bay and doing very well. Hopefully, that’s a sign of things to come.  The inshore wrecks are also giving up some nice togs.  Don’t for get to stock up on Gulp baits for the spring, they currently have a rebate that cuts the net price in HALF!!!!

Sea Hawk’s own Capt Alan braved the wind and dirty water today and came back with three nice flounder. It’s getting better!!!!

Mr Paul Elias found this nice flounder on the end of the flood tide in 49.1 degree water on a Sea Hawk XXL minnow. Paul used a hillbilly flounder rig and targeted depths from 10′-14′ at gargatha .

Keith Campbell and Sean Bowden fished seaside and drug up one nice flatty on silversides. Defiantly not hot and heavy action but NO skunk flags flying here.

Bryan Sheats had a nice afternoon catching perch on the Pocomoke with his boys. Even two at a time- It just doesn’t get any better than that.

The hogs are here. Mr. Johnny boated this nice rock a little North of us is the bay. It’s only catch and release now, but April 16th is coming!

Here is an aerial shot of Gargatha Inlet. Looks a little messy!

Here is a happy young lady with the first fish on her customized Sea Hawk rod and reel

Here is Mr. Bryan with a nice Pocomoke pic


It’s Official

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It’s officially started. Our buddy Kyle from Coastal Killers boated this flounder this am at folly’s. 53.4 degree water, bottom of the outgoing,


Starting To Feel Like Spring

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As we wait for the flounder to start biting we continue to enjoy the awesome fishing the Pocomoke has to offer. The crappie are starting to get even more aggressive while the yellow perch are still showing up for dinner. Farther toward Pocomoke the white “black” perch run is going good with excellent catches of fish on bloodworms on the bottom. Our friends at coastal killers tried casting for cold water rock on seaside and found some sub legal but fun fish around creek mouths.




Springs A Coming!!!!!

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The Pocomoke is on fire. The water is in the mid to upper 40’s , and the crappies are biting. Sunday the kids and I had a great time and a nice mess of fish. The big difference this week was that we caught a lot more crappies with only 1/3 of the catch made up of yellows. The best tide was the first of the flood in the 4-8 foot depth range. Elsewhere the Nanticoke is producing good numbers of black perch on bloodworms fished on the bottom. A few reports of black perch in the Pocomoke are starting to surface. It won’t be long before we’ll be torn between perch and early flounder. What horrible decisions we must make!

Here is Mr Bill on a maiden voyage with Capt Alan Ring up the Nanticoke. Great way to start off with the new boat!


Here is a pretty February stringer with big fish and big smiles

Here is our buddy Shawn with a nice Pocomoke pickerel


Here is our little buddy Owen with a last day buck. He will always remember this past season



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On Sunday afternoon, E, Sam, Belle, and myself went down the river for some perch action before the rain set in. We were very pleased with good numbers of nice yellows with a few crappies and one citation pickerel (25.5 inches) in the mix. The fish were in 4-8 foot depths and took 1/16 oz. curltail jigs tipped with small minnows. The warm up is probably the key to success, with water temps soaring into the low to mid 40’s. We also used a double jig rig which puts double the baits, colors and depth presentations to encourage the cool lethargic perch onto the dinner plate

2-21 kids 3

2-21 kids 92-21 kids 1

2-21 kids 7
2-21 kids 22-21 kids 4




2-21 kids 82-21 kids 102-21 kids 112-21 kids 5


Get Ready For Some CRAPPIE Weather!

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This week we tried our luck on the upper Pocomoke for yellows and crappies. We found a good many yellows and a few crappies suspended on channel edges.  We slow trolled with small curltail jigs with chart/ pink being the best colors. Stop in and check out the shop, We are all stocked up with new tackle for the up coming season. There are lots of new rods and reels to guarantee action this spring.  Make sure you tell your special someone to stop in and get you a nice Valentines Day gift, nothing says love-n like a Sea Hawk gift certificate!


2-7 jack

Black Perch are starting to show up in the lower Nanticoke River. Here is Mr. Jack with a nice perch from this past week.

2-6 boys

Sunday , the boys and I found some yellows and a few crappie in the upper Pocomoke. The water was a cool 38 degrees and the fish were near the channel edges in 5′-7′ depth.


2-7 jig

1/16 oz Jig heads with 2″ curltail grub tipped with a minnow seemed to do the trick.

2-7 e crappie2-6 sam2


2-6 sam

2-7 crappie



December Stripes

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This week has provided good reports in the Chesapeake, Atlantic, as well as the Pocomoke. The bay has three productive groups of fish. The mouth of the Pocomoke sound- south to the cell has produced some trophy fish on eels. The bay channel ( buoy 65-72a)has had better numbers but a medium sized fish from sub legal to 35″. Yesterday after witnessing a 4-5 degree increase in water temperature we found bunches of fish on stumps in a mere 8′ of water. It felt like mid October. In the Atlantic some Rock have shown up off the Md-De line and a last minute tuna bite in the canyon has added to an already good sea bass bite. Also there has been a few late season flounder landed around some deep offshore wrecks. Sunday afternoon was so pretty the kids and I had to get out in the boat. Pressed for time, we stayed in the Pocomoke and had a blast enjoying great crappie and perch action. 2 inch grubs, 1/16 oz jig heads and small minnows did the trick. This outing was a lot of fun and shows even if it’s to hot to hunt or to rough to Rock you can still find a way to enjoy what the eastern shore has to offer!

Our buddy John got some late season offshore action in the Norfolk. I guess this weathers is good for somethings

Our buddy John got some late season offshore action in the Norfolk. I guess this weathers is good for somethings

12-18 3 belle

Here’s Belle with a nice Pocomoke crappie

12-18 20 seahawk jump charter

12-18 6

Here is Miss Madison with her first deer

12-18 17 sammy

Sammy with a nice crappie

12-18 21 seahawk jump charter

Mr Harvey and Mr Mike with a nice limit on a Sea Hawk Charter

12-18 1

Terp jigged up some nice rock in the Pocomoke sound

12-18 19

12-18 4

Now that’s a proud daddy

12-18 22 seahawk jump charter

Here in Mr Harvey with a nice rock caught on the jig

12-18 18 crappie

12-18 8

Two big rock from the White Bite crew

12-18 9

12-18 23 seahawk jump charter

12-18 14

12-18 1512-18 10




12-18 2

Here is Mr. Jeff with his personal best caught in the tangier sound. Great job

12-18 16
12-18 7

A Warm Start to December

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This week we started off with some unsettled weather but when it broke the fishing was great. There has been some eeling from the cell to the banana hole for some trophy fish . Some approaching the 50″ mark.There also has been a good bite on nice rock to the low 30″ range near smith point. On Sunday the kids,dad and myself trolled up nearly 40 fish in just a few hours. The hot rig was tandem bucktails with 6″ shads,color didn’t seem to matter. The fish were thick enough to jig up and we saw a lot of folks doing just that. It was a great trip. The seabass bite has been good in the ocean with 3 citations brought in this past week. Don’t forget to stop in and get all your stocking stuffers, Christmas is almost here. We’ve got everything you need from the newest rods&reels and tackle , muzzleloader and crossbow combos and equipment to gift certificates for that hard to get for sportsman. Regardless Christmas isn’t about gifts so get your family together and go fishing!

12-12 ryan rock

Ryan landed this monster today. Nice going!

12-12 austin buck 2

Our bud Austin bagged his trophy number 2 this past week. Awesome

12-12 heather bass

Here is Miss Heather with two gaint seabass. If that’s fishing like a girl than we all need a lesson

12-12 buck

12-12 buck2

12-12 abell trip

E, Belle, Dad and myself snuck out Sunday and had a lot of action on some quality fish.

Kyle landed a huge seabass tipping the scales at nearly 6lbs. Now that's a knot head.

Kyle landed a huge seabass tipping the scales at nearly 6lbs. Now that’s a knot head.

12-12 belle rock

12-12 smith sunset12-12 abell trip3

12-12 e rock212-12 abell trip2

12-12 belle rock 2

Another big’un for Belle

12-12 e rock

The Palmer boy's weighed in on some rock action

The Palmer boy’s weighed in on some rock action


12-12 hunting buddy

Prettiest hunting buddy in the world