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What A Windy Start To April

We are working on the website and have reverted back to the old look for a few days, Please check back shortly!  Until then you can still reads the posts below. Thanks for stopping by!!


Mr Al drifted between gusts of wind to land a nice flounder this morning. He had to fish the flood tide early this morning to miss the wind. Maybe we’ll get a weather window during the proper tide so we can finally catch some numbers. Stop in and load up on XL minnows, nice silversides ( this years) and those hot Sea Hawk flounder rigs.Elsewhere, the catch and release rocking is going good in the tangier sound. We got all you need from planner board clips to rigged tandem and umbrellas to make next Saturday (4/16) a success

Here is Mr Al with his muddy water trophy. With winds like we’ve had, at least he was able to get a good drift. Haha

Here is my friend Caroline with her first big rock. She turned it loose and will target a bigger one next weekend. Now if she could only teach her dad and grandpa how to land the big ones.

Here is a cool trail cam pic. It looks like this Tom has got a thing for deer. However, the doe doesn’t look to impressed haha

Maybe a rainbow is God’s promise make the wind stop blowing rather than that no more floods thing Noah talked about


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